#7 CRNick George 2010-02-22 06:19
Andea, I love very thing. I'm glad to be able to see your work and what wonderful work it is. Elliot was
also good. Maybe some day you can do so work on me... I love You. Email sometime.
#6 RE: TestimonialsAmy Raes 2010-02-22 06:17
Hey gurl!! You told me to say hello!! I absolutly Love the pictures!! If you ever need a model I would be
happy to work with you again!! hugs and Kisses ~Amy R.
#5 RE: TestimonialsJoe Palmer 2010-02-22 06:16
Wow! Makes me wish I was a celebrity than I could enjoy your services. You
are a quite unique person. When we talked in Davenport it was as though I had known you for a long
time instead of just being fortunate enough to have been present in a large crowd as you spoke about
a issue close to your heart. It was a pleasure, both times! And by the way, I think you are wrong, You
are an angel-I think I will think of you as my personal angel! God bless and good luck with all you do!
By the way the pictures were just exquisite, and so extremely impressive! Your friend, Joe
#4 RE: TestimonialsJanene Green 2010-02-22 06:15
Well, Well, if my memory serves me correctly didn't this all begin with a haircut that went on
forever....? Let's see? Who was you first guinea pig? Isn't that what sisters are for? I am so incredibly
proud of you! I looked through your photo album and thought to myself. Self...She is living the life I
dream of. Do you remember cooking sweettarts in our play skillet the first time we met? Me chasing
you around the yard with a sledgehammer to remove that cast off of your foot? Taking hikes in the
woods to sneak a cigarette? Those days have gone by and we have lives of our own. I miss you
terribly! My best friend growing up. I love you Andrea. I don't see you or talk to you enough to tell you..
I am placing this in your guestbook so that others who read it will know that you are and always have
been the great person that you are now. You have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, wore it out
and turned it into a dusting rag! I LOVE YOU! Your sis. Jeannie
#3 RE: TestimonialsChuck Carle 2010-02-22 06:13
you are absolutely soooo DELIGHTFUL, it almost makes me hurt with joy to know you. YOUR
POSITIVE, "CAN DO" ATTITUDE IS VERYREFRESHING. I phoned De & kendra in Az. & gave them your
www, they said a big big big hug & hello. We will plan to see you in person asap. I will look forward to
working with you & Jeff in the gasupusa & the "Tax-Doc" programs. Or, if you pass on these, just
knowing you is great!!!
A big HUG & congrats. to one of our "favorite" BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES.
#2 RE: TestimonialsMaryah 2010-02-22 06:12
It was great working with you on the photo shoot, I'm sure my comp cards and Portfolio layout will be outstanding-thanks to you. You're the best Make up artist, & Hair Designer I've ever had! Your kind words and helpful pointers really helped me feel confident and relaxed.
Thanks for everything!
#1 Love working with you!Jamie Sands 2010-02-22 05:35
You are such a pleasure to work with, keep that energy up!

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