Andrea's Hair and Makeup Advertisement and Print

Andrea has worked with numerous clients providing exceptional Hair and makeup solutions for quality advertising mediums. She has worked with quite a few design houses in Iowa St. Louis Nashville and much much more. Click on the photos below to get a larger view.

Andrea's Hair and Makeup Celebrity and Music Status

Nationally recognized

Andrea has worked with a large amount of celebrities on a national scale. She is recognized as one of the best in the business handling clients such as:.

  • Shinedown
  • Sevendust
  • Leonardo Di Caprio

Feature Films, Television Commercials, Web, and Video Work

The national choice for professional hair and makeup

Andrea has worked on numerous films in her homestate of Iowa as well as traveling the nation working on location for various productions. She became the rock that drove the vanity trailer and the guiding light that shone through when all seemed bleak. Her perfect style intertwined with her passion for the fresh pushed her into this speedy and often hard to break industry of Film

High Profile Political Work

United States President and Vice President Elects Andrea Politte has personally worked with.

2008 United States President Elect Senator Barack Obama (D) Won 2008 Election as 44th United States President.
2004 United States President Elect Senator John Kerry (D) and Vice President Elect Senator John Edwards (D)

United States Presidential Primary Candidates and Nominees Andrea Politte has personally worked with for Various National and Worldwide Televised and or Media covered Events.

  • Former Illinois Senator Barack Obama (D)
  • Former Delaware Senator Now 47th US Vice President Joe Biden. (D)
  • New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D)
  • North Carolina Senator John Edwards: 04 Vice President Elect Campaign and again as Former Senator John Edwards as Presidential Candidate (D)
  • Ohio US Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D)
  • Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, former First Lady Christie Vilsack (D)
  • Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd (D)
  • Former New York Senator Hillary Clinton campaign commercial's (D)
  • Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee (R)
  • Former Colorado Representative Tom TanCredo (R)
  • Kansas Senator, Sam Brownback (R)
  • Former Tennessee Senator, Fred Thompson (R)
  • Exclusive Presidential Announcement and Sean Hannity Interview Texas Congressman, Ron Paul (R)
  • Cancer survivor and champion cyclist and MSNBC -LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum Host Lance Armstrong

Additional Political Personalities

  • LAF President Doug Ulman
  • Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley
  • Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack
  • Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley
  • Congressman Dave Loebsack
  • Iowa Governor Chet Culver
  • Cedar Rapids Mayor Kay Halloran

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