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Andrea Politte, at your service

Hair and Makeup Artist for your next production

Andrea Politte is an award winning Hair, Makeup and Massage artist who has made her name with 27 years of celebrity and high profile experience. Andrea has worked as Key makeup and hair on numerous productions as well as coordinated entire hair and makeup divisions on productions with more than 100 crew members.

Energy and Passion

Andrea's energy and passion are second to none and you will quickly see how well she works with the rest of the crew. Her infectious attitude and unparalleled makeup and hair styles and techniques will make your next production stand out. Check her portfolio to see some of her masterpieces.

Andrea's High profile film work

Andrea has a long list of celebrities and high profile film actors. Her attention to detail and ability to create exactly the right look in a short amount of time created her reputation today. Andrea has worked with hundreds of high profile celebrities on film and television spots, including, but not limited to:

  • Leonardo Di Caprio
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Tom Arnold
  • Carrottop

Be sure to check Andrea's Film Portfolio to see her creations for such a strong medium.

Andrea Politte - High Profile and Celebs

Andrea is no stranger to working with high profile clients. From Musicians to politicians to Movie Stars, she has seen them all. Her attention to detail and love for her work makes her perfect for your next production.

Check out Andrea's Celebrity and Musician portfolio to see her exuisite work

Andrea Politte working with Politicians

Andrea has worked with numerous political figures from all parties. This cover of Newsweek was created after Andrea provided makeup for John Edwards. Some of the political figures she has worked for:

  • John Edwards
  • Barack Obama
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Fred Thompson
  • Ron Paul

Check out her Political Portfolio to see more.

Andrea Politte -- Elite Hair, Makeup & Massage Energy Artist

Andrea Polite - Iowa Hair and Makeup Artist

National Elite Hair, Makeup and Massage Energy Artist

Welcome to Andrea Politte . com. This site is dedicated to showcase Andrea's work in Hair, Makeup and Massage Energy. Andrea is mastered in all things vanity and her work in Film, Television, and other entertainment mediums make her perfect for your next production.

Film, Television and Print Experience

Andrea is widely experienced in multiple formats, but her work in film, TV, and the print industries is where her real passion shines. She thrives on the speed of set and last looks. Her 27 years of experience tell the tale and her portfolio shows the journey.

Andrea Politte